Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Things You Should Never Pay Full Price For - Part III


This is a good one - mainly because paint is so incredibly expensive, especially if you want the good stuff.  The idea isn't mine however - I got this one from fellow Winnipegger Lenore Hume over at Lather. Write. Repeat.  I've been following her blog for a while now, and I'm very inspired by her upcycled furniture, which she offers for sale on Kijiji. 

You should really check out her stuff, it's beautiful - and some of it is painted using mistints.  I've seen these abandoned pots of paint at stores, but wasn't aware that they are available so cheaply.  You can read her post here.

Another way to get cheap paint (or even free) is to ask around and see if any of your friends know a painter.  Painters have to pay big bucks to dispose of their paint once they're finished with it, so many of them would be more than happy for you to take it off their hands.  That's how I painted my entire basement.  It didn't cost me a cent, and the color is beautiful.

I also think that getting paint by either of these methods will likely save my sanity.  Have you seen the names of some of these colors?  What color is Skipping School  for example?  How about Hamster?  Grandma's Refrigerator? Baby Turtle?  I get so hung up on the names that I can't concentrate on the colors.   And telling someone I just painted my kitchen Atomic Vomit Green doesn't quite have the ring to it that I'd like. 

By the way, the answers to the color name questions are turquoise, grey, yellow and brown.  And the Atomic Vomit color is a rather attractive pale green.

I think I'll stick with the mistints.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out friend! That's a really great tip about the painters...I'm going to have to stalk some now!