Monday, September 13, 2010

Beg Bugs?!

This is what I saw this morning on the front page of Yahoo! news.

Beg bugs!  What fascinating little creatures.  They sound so much more intelligent than their common cousins.  I've never heard of an insect that does tricks.  I wonder if they roll over and play dead as well?  The one on the guy's finger certainly looks alert and willing to learn.

I don't really want beg bugs in my house, but just think of the possibilities.  How about a beg bug circus?  Or Letterman's Stupid Pet Tricks? Youtube videos featuring beg bugs would go viral.  These little guys could be worth their weight in gold.  And, if nothing else, catching them would be a breeze.  Coax them out of their hiding places with flakes of skin and when they get up on their hind legs to beg, capture them by their tiny hands. 

Maybe get someone to proofread your stuff, you yahoos!

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